Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Mission Statement:

Tower Creative Consultants exists to develop essential skills for emerging professionals through experiences beyond the classroom. We work alongside our clients to communicate their stories and strengthen the relationships they need to achieve their goals.

What is Tower Creative Consultants and what do you do?

In conjunction with the Department of Public Relations at Belmont University, we are a student-run Public Relations firm. We work with real clients and work experience for Belmont students. We apply classroom lessons in a practical way to expand our understanding of Public Relations by providing emerging professionals with authentic client-based experiences.

What does “student-run firm” mean?

Although we have a faculty advisor, we are a firm completely made up of current students. We have appointed directors, and a formal breakdown of roles.

Where is the Tower Creative Consultants office located?

The Tower Creative Consults office is located in the Wedgewood Academic Center, on the ground level with an external entrance facing 15th Avenue.

Who are past and current clients, and how are new clients selected?

Clients have included: Sweet Cece’s, BURS, GBOD’s E-Reader program. We also are working on promoting and growing our firm, and facilitating Bateman. Each semester the directors and faculty advisor select them on an individual basis.

Who can join? How and when can I join? What is the time commitment?

Any current Belmont University student, especially those with an interest in public relations can join! It’s a great way to put the skills you learn in the classroom to the test, creating and developing a small business. Class credit is available for compensation.

Requests and submissions of applications may be obtained by asking any member of Tower Creative Consultants, our faculty sponsor or any public relations professor. You are welcome to join at the start of any semester. Course credit will only be available for three (3) semesters, however, students are encouraged to remain involved in Tower Creative Consultants.

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